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1:1 Personal Training Session: 


5-10-20 or more sessions packages.

Price per session:

ONLINE via zoom: starting from 32€ (30 mins sessions)

for IN PERSON, GYM/ AT HOME sessions email me for a quote


Small Group Personal Training Sessions: 


8 sessions package (2 months).

Price per session:

ONLINE via zoom: starting from 20€ *(45 mins sessions) per person.

For IN PERSON, GYM/ AT HOME sessions email me for a quote.

* depending on number of subscribers

t&c applies


This Training Program Includes:


  • 1:1 Personal Training sessions (30 or 45 mins) live on zoom OR in person 1:1 sessions 
  • 24/7 access to Elena Fit&Fun App.
  • Two-way communication through the app.
  • Bi-weekly or monthly (depending on your goals) check-ins with me to make sure you are staying motivated. 
  • Monthly progress pictures and measurement reviews.



 Equipment Needed for Home Workouts: 

  • Set of dumbbells (weight that is challenging for you). I would suggest an adjustable set that can be used as a barbell too (with connection bar).
  • A bench is great but not required. You could use something else like a piano bench, stair or a stepper.
  • Some moves include a yoga ball, disc sliders, booty bands to add variety and enhance the moves.All inexpensive tools you can purchase online.



Customer reviews


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Silvia B

I am beyond grateful and I cannot recommend her enough

I gained 22 pounds during the pandemic and I’ve been complaining about my body shape ever since. I couldn’t fit in my clothes anymore and I was always embarrassed when I had to dress up for an event. I am an actress and that lack of confidence doesn’t help you booking… I have known Elena for years, and I don’t know why it took me so long to contact her… It was the best decision ever! It took me about a week to adjust to the new daily routine… and then I just had to look at the incredible results! In 8 weeks I lost 13 pounds! I can easily exercise without getting hurt (I have serious back problems), I feel much more energetic and I am already happy about the way I look! I am halfway to my weight goal, but with Elena by my side I am absolutely sure that I will reach it soon! She’s so precious! Following me step by step! I love food and wine and the award season put me in front of lots of temptations. I was terrified! Elena was consistently giving me tips and support! I am beyond grateful and I cannot recommend her enough! Make yourself a gift and hire her!


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Excellent! Elena is my 1st PT ever and she represents the first time I hit physical activity in a structured way. The experience so far appears to be just brilliant and with great results. Since my goal is to loose weight and gain a fit and healthy figure, Elena’s approach started with a 20min phone call to get familiar with my life style, habits, food preferences. She then set up a food plan that pinned down a daily quantity for each of the macro-nutrients, leaving me free to pick the specific food and to decide how to distribute them during the day. In addition to the above, she proposed me a number of workout plans I could choose from depending on price range and type. The live online classes I’ve been joining are very clear and always different. Elena is excellent explaining the exercise, correcting you while you’re doing it and pushing your ass when you’re about to give up. Because of my lack of muscular control, she gave me as a present a set of class recordings I can practice offline in my own time. Elena schedules my measurements and follows their progress regularly. She promptly gets back to all my queries, replying specifically and right to the point. In general, she demands dedication and drive from your side, therefore do not expect from her a passive acceptance if you do not commit because she will instead kick your ass. Super recommended.


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Kasia K

Thank you Elena!

I was overweighted and miserable. Elena helped me not only to lose weight but also to believe I can do anything if I I only put a little bit of effort and faith into it. In about six months I lost more than 15 kg. I know now what to do to eat healthy without starving and I love to be active. All the workout and activities with Elena are so much fun as well. Thank you Elena!


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Federica B

Elena is a gifted person

Elena is a gifted person. Fantastic trainer, knowledgeable, experienced, and very flexible. She is really great at pushing me to achieve my goals. She is super patient and accommodating and there’s no judgment, only encouragement. I've struggled with my weight, eating right, and exercising for most of my life. I avoided the gym, diet and everything related to fitness but six months ago I decided I was ready to make some big changes in my health but knew I needed extra support and encouragement from someone else. I met Elena on Social Media and from day one, she has been amazing. She takes her profession seriously - her commitment to your success is like no other. She pushes me every day to achieve more and I am doing things I have not done in my life like running (I always hated it!). Her workouts are challenging and done in a fun atmosphere. I feel stronger, happier and healthier. I couldn’t be happier having Elena as my PT. Working out and eating well is no longer a chore for me, it is part of my daily routine and is something I really enjoy now. No words can’t express my thanks to Elena for helping with my weight loss and fitness goal. Thank you Elena!


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Debora LB

5 stelle

Non posso non dare 5 stelle ad Elena, non solo per la sua professionalità, la sua passione e competenza che dimostra nel lavoro che fa, ma sopratutto perché i suoi allenamenti stanno cambiando letteralmente la mia vita, sia dal punto di vista fisico ma sopratutto mentale, dandomi quel benessere interiore, quella forza e determinazione che credevo di aver perso. Super consigliata! Grazie Elena


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Anna P

Grazie ad Elena sono rinata

Elena è una coach fantastica, sempre molto disponibile ad ascoltare i tuoi bisogni e i tuoi obiettivi. Grazie a lei, ai suoi allenamenti mirati e divertenti sono riuscita a perdere peso ed a rimodellare il mio corpo. Una personal training aggiornata, prepara gli allenamenti in maniera scrupolosa ed evita che essi siano noiosi e ripetitivi. Inoltre, è sempre pronta a supportarti moralmente in ogni momento, non solo nella sessione di training, spiegandoti accuratamente ogni singolo movimento dell'esercizio. L'ho conosciuta personalmente ed è una persona positiva, piena di energia e sempre allegra. La consiglio vivamente a tutti perchè con lei ogni vostro obiettivo verrà raggiunto. Grazie ad Elena sono rinata come persona non solo fisicamente ma anche moralmente.


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Armida Montini

Elena literally changed my life!

Elena literally changed my life! I reached out to her initially for some neck/back pain and Elena recommended some pilates lessons that quickly solved the issue. Next step was enrolling in the premium package to get back in shape after the lockdown... One year later, my life couldn't be different! I've been always quite lazy overall, never managed to be consistent in working out and keep a healthy shape. With Elena's support I started enjoying working out, actually looking forward to it! She has amazing communication skills that not only ensure that the clients undertand perfectly the exact movements to do but also keep them consistently involved and motivated. The diet provided is so vary and tasty that is easy and pleasant to follow. By taking small steps, I managed to lose >15 kg and getting closer to my ideal weight. I became so committed that I have renewed the program for over a year now. I am stronger, healthier, I am aware of how to better manage and control my diet and phisycal activity but most of all I am happier. I am so grateful for all the support and guidance that Elena provided me in this lifechanging process. I recommeded her with several friends already, sure that she will bless their lives as well. Thanks Ele, you're the best!


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Amazing results!

I signed up for the 8 week programme and the results have been so incredible and exceeded my expectations. The tailored workouts and meal plan that Elena has provided, along with the day to day support has been just fantastic. I have lost weight, and have definitely toned up! But the best result for me has been an increase in energy and just feeling better in myself. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough! Elena’s passion for what she does is evident in her commitment and support during and after the 8 week boot camp.


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My loving PT

Elena is amazing. She helped me to reach my dreamed shape in 4 months. She helped me with 1 to 1 session every week, group lessons and everyday app. Now doing exercises and try to be in a good shape is a part of my daily routine. She helped me with motivation when I wanted to leave so many many thanks. If you need someone who can really help you when you tried everything you can trust her

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