You have to have completed a 8 WEEK BODY MAKEOVER plan to be able to sign up for this plan.

***The workouts will start the Monday after you purchase***

If you are currently still doing your 8 Week Plan wait to purchase until you are on your last week.


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Automatic monthly payment
€35.00every month until canceled

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Armida Montini

Elena literally changed my life!

Elena literally changed my life! I reached out to her initially for some neck/back pain and Elena recommended some pilates lessons that quickly solved the issue. Next step was enrolling in the premium package to get back in shape after the lockdown... One year later, my life couldn't be different! I've been always quite lazy overall, never managed to be consistent in working out and keep a healthy shape. With Elena's support I started enjoying working out, actually looking forward to it! She has amazing communication skills that not only ensure that the clients undertand perfectly the exact movements to do but also keep them consistently involved and motivated. The diet provided is so vary and tasty that is easy and pleasant to follow. By taking small steps, I managed to lose >15 kg and getting closer to my ideal weight. I became so committed that I have renewed the program for over a year now. I am stronger, healthier, I am aware of how to better manage and control my diet and phisycal activity but most of all I am happier. I am so grateful for all the support and guidance that Elena provided me in this lifechanging process. I recommeded her with several friends already, sure that she will bless their lives as well. Thanks Ele, you're the best!


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Amazing results!

I signed up for the 8 week programme and the results have been so incredible and exceeded my expectations. The tailored workouts and meal plan that Elena has provided, along with the day to day support has been just fantastic. I have lost weight, and have definitely toned up! But the best result for me has been an increase in energy and just feeling better in myself. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough! Elena’s passion for what she does is evident in her commitment and support during and after the 8 week boot camp.


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My loving PT

Elena is amazing. She helped me to reach my dreamed shape in 4 months. She helped me with 1 to 1 session every week, group lessons and everyday app. Now doing exercises and try to be in a good shape is a part of my daily routine. She helped me with motivation when I wanted to leave so many many thanks. If you need someone who can really help you when you tried everything you can trust her