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How to keep moving and stay healthy during the summer time

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and stay active! With longer days, warmer weather, and plenty of activities available, there’s no excuse not to stay healthy this summer. Here are a few tips for staying fit while still having fun in the sun:

1. Get Outside - Take advantage of the beautiful weather and longer days by heading outdoors for your workouts. Go on a bike ride or run around your neighborhood; take a hike with friends; or play some beach volleyball at your local park – whatever activity you choose will help keep you moving during those summer months!

2. Find an Activity You Enjoy - Exercise doesn't have to be boring – it can actually be quite enjoyable if you find something that suits your interests and abilities. Join an outdoor team sport like soccer or softball; explore new trails on foot, bike, kayak…the possibilities are endless when it comes to finding physical activities that make exercise even more enjoyable!

3. Eat Healthy Foods - Eating nutritious meals is key when trying to maintain good health throughout any season but especially during summertime when our bodies need extra vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits & vegetables due to increased exposure in UV rays from sunshine.. So stock up on seasonal produce like watermelon & berries which provide lots of antioxidants needed for skin protection plus they taste delicious too!

4 .Stay Hydrated– Staying hydrated is essential all year round but even more so during those hot summer days where we tend lose fluids quickly through sweat & other bodily functions so drinking plenty H20 helps replenish what has been lost keeping us energized throughout day/night.

5 .Take Breaks– Don’t forget about taking breaks between workouts as well because overworking yourself can lead exhaustion making harder accomplish goals set forth. Taking short 10 minute walks here there help clear head refresh mind allowing better focus once back into action again whether running errands going work etc.. Plus walking great way burn off excess calories without feeling overwhelmed by intense exercise session afterwards!


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