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The 8 rules for proper nutrition

1. Never skip meals

Never skip main meals! Indeed, two intermediate snacks are also recommended. In this way we avoid reaching hunger peaks that are difficult to manage..they easily lead us to lose the brakes and eat uncontrollably in main meals.

2. Always have a proper nutrition

We learn to eat properly, always. Following very restrictive diets for short periods (see the popular 7kg in 7 days formula!) and then resuming eating freely once the pre-set results have been achieved, makes little sense, on the contrary, often the weight lost is regained with "interest ”. It's better to learn to eat healthily and with proper nutrition without exaggerated restrictions: in this way the weight loss will be slower, but constant, and with a maintenance strategy it will be much easier to maintain the results achieved over time.

3. The correct quantities

No food makes you fat in and of itself: you "only" need to learn about foods, therefore consume them in the right quantities and with the correct frequency.

4. Vary your diet

Vary your diet as much as possible. Choosing different foods allows us to take on all the micro/macronutrients our body needs, as well as avoiding the boredom of eating the same things over and over again.

5. Try new foods and savor them slowly

Be open to trying new foods. Different cultures offer different foods. Let's experiment with new flavors and experiment with cooking! And once prepared, we learn to taste them, slowly. In this way we will also be able to chew better, giving the stomach time to send satiety signals to the brain.

6. More water, more fruit, more vegetables

Satisfying water needs by drinking, but not only that, we can also increase the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables: even certain foods supply us with liquids.

7. Social life

Let's not allow diet to become a limit to social life. Food is “even better” if enjoyed in company. We learn to choose, if we are on a low-calorie diet it will be enough to order a zero-calorie drink and not attack the bowl of peanuts/chips, or choose a single course at the restaurant – for example grilled steak and mixed vegetables with side condiments, for example. And while waiting for the order to arrive, avoid assaulting the bread basket 😉

If, on the other hand, you are not on a low-calorie diet, one free meal a week will not kill you.

8. Let's Get Moving!

Let's get moving, because to keep fit we can't just work on the food factor: physical activity is also essential. Physical activity, in addition to training our muscles and our heart, also trains our mind.. stimulating good mood.


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