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What is the best time to train?

Some of us prefer to train in the morning, to start the day full of energy and dedicate the evening to family or social life or hobbies. Others, on the other hand, prefer to exercise during their lunch break to break up the day. Many, on the other hand, go to the gym in the evening after the working day to unload and "end up" the day, without the thought of having to go back/go to work.

Have you ever wondered what is the best time to train?

There are scientific answers to this question, which we can combine with our lifestyle and fitness needs. Depending on the training goal there is a time when it is preferable to train in order to obtain the best results.

• if the goal is to increase muscle mass, it is better to train towards mid-afternoon to take advantage of the testosterone peak and the gradual increase in body temperature.

• if your goal is to lose weight, the morning is the best time. Always for hormonal factors, which stimulate the "fat burning" effect.

However, as I always tell you, the best time to train is the one that takes into account YOUR NEEDS and your LIFESTYLE:

• Morning: a morning workout helps us wake up and start the day full of energy

• Afternoon: training in the afternoon hours can be a good time to detach the brain from work activities, and then get back on track with renewed energy

• Evening: a good workout at the end of the day can be useful for managing the transition from work to private life, as well as disposing of the stress accumulated during the day

So what's my advice? First of all, test the various times, if you can, without forcing; going to the gym reluctantly in the morning because you are not an early riser or trying to fit a 45-minute workout into a 30-minute lunch break, running around the gym where many machines are occupied could be demotivating, and have a counterproductive effect on psychological, making the thought of training a stress.

Once you have tested the workouts at various times, you will have the answer: how does your body perform during training in the morning, in the evening and during the lunch break?

Remember that the most effective the one you don't skip 😉


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